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Leodis Marketing & PR

Need direction for your marketing?

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Leodis Marketing & PR

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Leodis Marketing & PR - Debbie Bradley

Debbie Bradley

Director, Strategist, Consultant, Copywriter, Speaker and Trainer 

A straight-talking no-fluff marketing and PR professional with 20 years of experience. 

I am passionate about engaging audiences via marketing and PR, and I admire organisations who put the customer at the centre of their strategies.  

During my time in Australia, I have represented numerous agencies and organisations across business-to-business, business-to-member and business-to-consumer activities. From an industry perspective, my experience spans a broad range of sectors including health, pharma, FMCG, business events, transport, IT, finance and pet care. 

Recently my focus has been navigating the not-for-profit sector and successfully supporting Association leaders with strategic marketing planning and change management. 

My ultimate aim is to support organisations achieve their objectives through strategic planning, digital and social marketing, PR and stakeholder relations. 

How can I help you?

  • Marketing consultancy and strategic support
  • Creating marketing and PR plans
  • Training and up-skilling your team
  • Professional speaking and webinars
  • Association planning and membership marketing
  • Brand development
  • Copywriting
  • Social media
  • Email marketing
  • Event marketing
  • Creative design

So, what are you waiting for?

My client promise:

Be Proud

In everything I do, I want to make sure the people I work for are proud of what has been achieved. 

Be Fierce 

To fiercely go where no one has been before, to fiercely defend the honour of the people I work for and to fight hard in everything I do. 

Be Relentless 

To always get back up again, to never give up and to keep going to reach the goals of the organisations and objectives. 

Be Unified 

To march together and unify people, communities and organisations and to always find ways to mutually influence the wider community. 

Be Straight-Up 

Always say it like it is, be true to the trade, myself and true to the client, so no matter what – there is understanding right throughout the work together. 

Leodis Marketing & PR - Services


“Over the past five years I’ve called on the professionalism and knowledge of Debbie to assist both my organisation and the members we represent. Her presentations have been fully customised for our members with contemporary and relevant information, advice and resources. The strategic and tactical work Debbie has done for us has been insightful, practical and beneficial for the success of the organisations I’ve been involved with at the time. Big thanks and thumbs up to Debbie with unequivocal recommendation to anyone requiring marketing, communications and PR advice or presentations.”

Brendon Ward
CEO, ASCTA & Swim Australia

"In my role as a radio show presenter I deal with a lot of PR professionals sending suggestions for guests for my program and additionally work with them on a wide variety of events, promotions and conferences. I was lucky enough to work with Debbie Bradley in her role as PR specialist and promotor of a major conference in August 2019. Her work was meticulous and detailed, her professionalism was of the highest level at every step of the way from event organisation to post event follow-ups. Instead of being treated like 'just another media person' I (in fact, all the other media professionals) were given the respect, space and access required to create the best coverage for the event. There was no petty questioning or demands of how certain situations were to be handled; simply the grace and professionalism of Debbie who develops long-lasting relationships with all the key stakeholders. I thoroughly enjoyed working with someone of such high calibre as Debbie and look forward to many more opportunities to work with her to create great content."

Alexi Boyd
Small Biz Matters

“Debbie is an absolute pleasure to work with. Her pragmatic approach and savvy disposition not only make her a refreshingly easy person to deal with, but a valuable asset to any team she is a part of or leading. I wish Debbie every success in the future and would welcome the opportunity to work with her again.”

Simon Pearson
Enterprise Renewal Manager

“I worked closely with Debbie when she was an in-house Marketing Manager. During that time, we worked on some very complex and exciting projects. Debbie was always thorough and innovative. She always had a plan and always came up with new and exciting ideas.”

Kheang Ly

“Debbie is an experienced and committed PR and marketing wiz. Everyone who has had the pleasure working with her knows she is a hard worker and always goes above and beyond for her clients and her team. I’m lucky to have not only worked with Debbie for over two years but had her as my line manager who was clearly invested in my professional growth. Debbie is always encouraging and positive, and her wealth of knowledge in the industry was invaluable to my learning and progression. Without Debbie’s continuous training, I would not be the confident PR professional that I am today.”

Sinead Andrews
Senior Account Executive


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